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Ignoring Customers: The Windows Mobile Way

March 19, 2010

Online communities have been an asset for most companies since it provides them with valuable market research from their core customers.  However, Microsoft is far from leveraging these online communities with their new mobile operating system.  Instead of listening to windows mobile’s core customers, Microsoft seems to actually turn its back on them with the company’s latest announcements.

Windows Mobile’s core customers have always loved the openness and customization capabilities of the platform. Fans create and distribute free third-party applications/modifications through online communities like [XDA Developers]. However, Microsoft’s most recent changes to the new mobile OS (Windows Phone 7 Series) are starting to scare loyal fans away from the brand. Below are the two major changes Microsoft had announced for the system.

No Copy and Paste for Microsoft Word

Over the last few years, there had been little changes made to Microsoft’s mobile productivity software. However, the office suite seems to be getting a complete overhaul for the upcoming OS. One of the major changes is the removal of the copy and paste functionality. Instead, the office software will be focusing on commenting and editing features stating that most consumers don’t use the copy and paste functionality. However, a lot of negative comments have been popping up online regarding the Microsoft’s decision and the importance of this functionality.

*Click here to see an article from xdadevelopers regarding the recent changes (just be sure to check the comments section).

No upgrade support for HTC’s HD2

In addition to the changes being made to the office suite of the new mobile OS, Microsoft also confirmed that they will not be offering WP7S upgrade to HTC’s HD2. Loyal customers of windows mobile bought the HD2 with the expectation of receiving WP7S support from Microsoft. However, it seems that this will not be happening anytime soon.

Below is a funny video from an HD2 user regarding the changes (the ratings and comments should give people an idea on how windows mobile users feel about the announcements)


Microsoft seems to be making dramatic changes to its new mobile OS to the point where it starts to push loyal fans away. Microsoft believes that these changes are what the “mass” consumers want. Although this might be true, I still suggest Microsoft to take things easy and not risk their core customers.

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